Basic SEO

SEO basically means a process in which you optimize your site to make it easier for targeted visitors to find your site. This process is done by most or all web designers in order for their site to be known by all. This is also very important if you are targeting potential clients to do business with. But this really depends on the type of niche or category you are aiming for in your site. If it’s a personal blog then most likely you will be sharing your ideas about any given topic you can think of. If it’s a business blog then it’s all about the service you are going to give to your clients. No matter what you do with your site, it is imperative that you do SEO for it.


Importance of CSS

Knowledge about CSS is definitely a must in web designing. Mainly because most sites nowadays uses CSS. It takes a lot time to learn CSS but it’s worth it for any aspiring web designers. Unlike the HTML which has limitations when it comes to layout because it mainly focuses on a much reasonable documentation and showing the necessary information about your site. In short, its a simple layout that shows the direct message about the site like an ordinary dish in terms of food. But with CSS, you get more than just that. Think of it like the California rolls or sushi you find at sushi bars and such. Very presentable and an eye-catcher and there is still the essence of the food itself. In terms of web design, CSS is the one that gives more color and art to the whole site, aside than the standard info being giving out.

cascading style sheet

With CSS, it is much easier to manage the site which in turn saves time. Other neat advantages of using CSS is that the page you are editing loads much faster which is most of us wants to see in any site we go to. Fast access to information. Maintenance is easier with the use of CSS. Most of all, you get a whole lot wider array of styles in CSS than in HTML.

The only downside about it is the browser compatibility. Some browser may support it while others don’t. But that issue is something in the past. Nowadays it is hardly an issue and even if it is, it can easily be fixed. Final word; CSS is really important and helpful in terms of web design so be sure to know more about it.


The History Of Web Design

The history of web design isn’t that long and also it can still be linked to a much broader and simple category like graphic design. Web design is actually more on the technological side of things unlike in graphic design in which it could be about poster ads, logos or brands and such. Still, both of these two can be considered the same because they both focus in how an object (or site for this matter) would look like. Of course you need to at least be artistic or have knowledge about it.

the history of web design

In the early years of internet, Tim Berners-Lee (who was working at CERN at that time) made a proposal to create global hypertext project. This later became known as World Wide Web. There were quite some problems at the beginning but with the continuous advancement of technology, this has come a long way until it has reached in today’s era where there are lots of pictures and easy-to-understand info about the site.


Knowing The Codes

Just being a web designer doesn’t mean you need to know a lot about art. You will also need the basic knowledge of source codes and ofcourse about HTML. Everything in web design is in codes so just using images for your site won’t be enough. To start off, as a beginner you need to know the basic stuff about codes and HTML methods and some tricks about them, yes there are tricks which could be helpful to make things easier for you. One trick that I know is manually looking through the source codes of other sites and get to know how they are done. Let’s say you see a page which is very interesting and catchy in the eye and you want to know a little about how it was done or know the codes being used creating that page. To do this, you need to right-click on the targeted page and click on View source or View page source. Below is the image to give you a much clear idea.

view page source

It’s pretty simple actually, as you do that it will take you to a page where lots of codes that is used for the page. Assuming you have knowledge about it, then you can go to the part where you want to get the idea for your site. You can also cop paste the snippet and use it to your site but its best to check it first because there are codes that probably won’t work on your site. Badly-written code is something you should take note of, since there a lot of them out there. So it is necessary to check it first to see if it actually works well on your site, if not then you can try editing the code on your own.